My favorite trees is the Oak, Hang willow, Birch and Japaneese cherry trees. But I don’t want to write about them all, so, I will write about the Oak.

We have an Oak in our school-garden. On the tree there is a long branch . That branch is what we call ”gung grenen”.

I know one way to count out how old a tree is. First you must count the circumference around the tree(it’s 487cm at our oak). Then you take the number and divide with 2,5. After that you know how old the tree is (about).Our Oak is ca 200 yers old. So our tree was planted in the begining of  the 1900th  century.

The Oak is a big tree, and they look like this:

 Sommrig EkHöst EkVinter Ek

Oak-bullocks like oaks and it’s becuse that teir name is Oak-bullock. That insect is the biggest insect in sweden. They are black and have long tusk so they can fight.



At the spring the oak males are lift each other and throw away, so they can take the best female.

I have seen oak-bullocks and I think they are scary beacuse they tusk is about 1cm and the body to.


Blekinge has the Oak as their landscape tree.


On the Oak there hanging acorns and they look like this:






2 kommentarer

  1. letaguldkorn said,

    juni 28, 2007 den 3:28 e m

    Fantastiskt som vanligt – jag blir så imponerad!
    Jag minns att vi fotograferade en ekoxe på snapphane-eken i Wanåsparken sommaren 2005 – jag undrar var det fotot tog vägen..?

  2. syskon said,

    juni 28, 2007 den 4:12 e m


    Det minns jag också. Julius har den bilden på papper hos pappa.


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